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    Energy audits can save money

    If you’re concerned about high energy bills, or if you are thinking about adding something to your home that may raise your bills, an energy audit could be just the thing you need.  It may be expensive but, as Patrick Keegan from South Carolina Living tells us, it may save a lot more money later on.

    The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is one way auditors measure energy efficiency
    The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is one method auditors use to measure energy efficiency

    While it may be easier and cheaper to do it yourself by finding online information, a professional auditor will save you money down the line since they know how to inspect everything all at once.  So, you’ll be able to get it all done correctly the first time.

    The results of the audit will vary.  A single person will have different results than a bigger family.  The more people in the house, the higher your energy bill to be.

    It is advisable to be home during the audit.  You will be able to gain information and ask questions if needed.

    An audit may consist of the following tasks:

    • Blower-door test – Measures how airtight your home is.  Windows and doors may not shut all the way.
    • Duct blaster – Measures how well heat and cooled air move around the home.  Make sure ducts don’t leak.
    • Health and safety testing – Tests for safety issues such as looking for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as the presence of radon – a growing issue in South Carolina.

    The Powell Group can help refer you to local auditors that can give you the information you need to stay safe and reduce your energy bills.  Our team members are here to answer any questions or concerns.

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