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    Easter is also a time for kids

    Easter is this Sunday, and everyone is preparing for the upcoming festivities.  Better Homes and Gardens has a plethora of ideas to make it a fun holiday for your children.

    Kids and participate in creating Easter decorations with their parents help
    Kids can participate in creating Easter decorations with their parents’ help
    • It can all start with bunny ears.  You can make them with simple felt, a headband and glue
    • Easter egg balloons come in all shapes and sizes, which can all be found at your local party decoration store or aisle
    • With some scrap paper and glue, you and your family can create your own Easter baskets
    • Why not make an Easter-themed wreath for your front door?
    • You can also make garlands and decorate your festive house

    The Powell Group is here to assist with all of your Easter preparation.  Our team members are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

    (Pictures used from Wikimedia and YouTube)

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