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    DIY Storage for Your Home

    With new home buying comes packing, unpacking, and needing to find space for the junk that you tell yourself you have to keep. I am not ashamed to say I have a hard time getting rid of things too. I would not call it hoarding because my house is for sure organized and livable, but as I am sure most people do, I store unnecessary junk in my home because I tell myself it will come in handy eventually. With that being said lets do some storage ideas for our new place and our old junk!

    Idea Number One: Command Hooks

    You would be surprised at the amount of clutter you can get rid off with Command Hooks. I currently live in a small apartment and Command Hooks come in handy in the oddest spots. My Kitchen. I do not have a drawer for potholders, so I decided to stick Command Hooks on the side of my refrigerator and that became where I store my pot holders. Also in my bathroom for my curling wand, straightener, and blow dryer. They are all on Command Hooks. This helps me because instead of just throwing them under the sink, I can open the cabinet door and they are neatly hanging on the door. You will be surprised with the ideas you come up with on how to use Command Hooks.

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    Idea Number Two: Rubber Maid Container

    I know to some of you may think “rubber maid containers” are tacky and yes I agree with you unless they are hidden. I would guess that probably 70 percent of our homes all have a “medicine cabinet” Well, ours was crazy with Band-Aids here, neosporin there, and all of the other typical ‘save the day’ items. I took time one day to organize our cabinet. We now have Band-Aids and any cut or bruise remedies in one small container, aspirin/tylenol and any other body ache cure medications in one box and then our last box has all of our allergy medications. It will amaze you how nice it is to have all of that organized.

    Organize bins under the bathroom sink
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    Idea Number Three: Under Bed Containers

    If you do not already have one of those awesome beds that have the pull out storage underneath them you can make your own form of under the bed storage. This specific storage been is about 4 feet long and half a foot tall and they are awesome! I like to store my winter clothes and comforters in them and vice versa when the seasons change. 3 of these containers fit comfortably under my king size bed and I could probably fit 4 but I like to keep them hidden in the middle of the bed.

    Under bed storage
    Photo Credit thanks to Angies List

    Storage hacks come in all forms. From building shelving to using plain old Rubber Maid containers. Let me know below in the comments if you have any awesome storage ideas, I would love to hear them! I hope you all enjoy your organizing and that these ideas may have come in handy to you.

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