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    Decorating disasters and how to avoid them

    Everyone loves to decorate their home.  After all, they want to make it beautiful and add a touch of themselves to it.  However, be warned.  As Farima Alavi from HGTV tells us, there are things you should avoid, and there are also ways to fix your mistakes.

    Some chairs may look interesting, but make sure they're comfortable too
    Some chairs may look interesting, but make sure they’re comfortable too
    • While most people like toilet rugs, go for the small carpet nearby.
    • Rather than displaying too many photos, use a gallery.  You can also put many of your photos on social media where friends and family can see them on-the-go.
    • Don’t you hate tripping on all of those cluttered cords near your TV?  Organize and cover them with similar-surrounding colors.
    • Make sure your decorations match your surroundings by incorporating beach themes by the water and mountain themes in higher elevations.  Look at your surroundings for the deciding factor.
    • Uncomfortable furniture – whether it’s chairs, couches or other items – are unnecessary.  They may look elegant.  But, if they aren’t comfortable, you and your guests will not be happy in the long run.

    The Powell Group invites you to experiment with your home’s look.  Our team members are here to answer any questions or concerns.

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