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    December brings many holiday celebrations

    It’s the “most wonderful time of year” again with the coming of December.  The temperature has gotten colder, snow may fall soon, and there are many holiday traditions to observe.  According to “Anderson Magazine”, there are several traditions that are observed this time of year.

    St. Joseph Catholic Church, in Anderson, will hold its Christmas Day Mass at 10 a.m, according to their calendar.  Many attendees  will be decorating their Christmas trees and celebrating with fellow church members.

    Christ the Savior Antiochian Orthodox Church is also full of traditions.  Father Randolph, who has “presided over the parish since 1999”, speaks of many traditions.  According to the magazine article, this includes fasting, for 40 days, from Nov. 15 to Christmas Day, which (as he says) helps to “focus on our prayers and remember that God came to this earth to see us so we may rise with Him one day.”

    The Baptist community can enjoy celebrations of their faith as well as combining them with Asian culture.

    Reverend Aki Shigemi came to Boulevard Baptist Church several years ago after moving to Anderson, and he celebrates Christ’s birth.  However, he also adds some of his Asian culture by having a special service.  The first hour is delivered in Japanese while the second is in English.

    People of the Jewish faith also have options.  Temple B’Nai Israel has been open to the public since 1948, and many generations have continued the tradition of going there and, among other traditions, celebrating Chanukah — also known as the Festival of Lights.

    You may also enjoy the 21st Annual Christmas Gift Light Festival.  However, keep in mind they have a new location.  They are now located across from the Anderson Civic Center, which allows the park to grow from 12 acres in the past to 45 acres.

    But, whatever holiday you celebrate, we at The Powell Group wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday and a Happy New Year!

    By Jason Michaels

    St. Joseph Catholic Church
    St. Joseph Catholic Church


    Father David of the Christ the Savior Antiochian Orthodox Church
    Father David of the Christ the Savior Antiochian Orthodox Church


    Boulevard Baptist Church
    Boulevard Baptist Church
    Temple B'Nai of Israel
    Temple B’Nai of Israel

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