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    Clemson Experimental Forest seeks to educate people about nature

    Lovers of nature rejoice!  Clemson University has an attraction just for you.  The Clemson Experimental Forest wants locals to learn about their area’s forests and how the woods play an important part in our ecosystem.

    According to the site’s vision, it “shall be a national exemplar of a teaching, research and public-service resource for a top-tier university.”  Its mission is “to be a well-managed, self-sustaining, ecologically healthy, living laboratory, classroom and recreational resource for the benefit of the university, commerce and citizenry of South Carolina, vouchsafed with a mandate to protect and promote in perpetuity the forest as an irreplaceable educational, environmental, scientific and social asset.”

    Come visit the Clemson Experimental Forest to learn about how the area helps our ecosystems
    Come visit the Clemson Experimental Forest to learn about how the area and how it enhances our green space

    Some of their goals include working toward Thomas Greene Clemson’s goal of using the university as a “high seminary of learning”, serving as a sanctuary, being used as a green space and be used for for teaching and research purposes.

    They also had a festival to promote the forest that had games and taught everyone about it.

    However, as Kirk Brown of the Independent Mail discussed, “According to the university, the forest’s mission is to serve as a well-managed, self-sustaining, ecologically healthy living laboratory, classroom and recreational resource.”

    According to Brown’s article, Forest Director Russell Hardee wants everyone to know that the venue is for everyone year-round.

    “We want people to know that the forest is here and available for a lot of recreational activities,” Hardee said. “There are many people who live here who have never come out to the forest.”

    Many people showed up for the festivities, but you are welcome to visit anytime you like.  Contact them here if you have any questions regarding the forest.

    The Powell Group invites you to visit this wonderful area and to learn more about our forests.  While there, you may also visit any of the area’s available homes.

    (Picture used from Clemson Experimental Forest website)

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