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    Christmas decorations have changed since we were kids

    Since we’re getting ready for Christmas, many of us are preparing to put up the old decorations.  Unfortunately, some of them are showing their age.  They’re either broken or show that they were purchased decades ago.

    While mementos are great, you may want to start thinking about getting modern decorations.  The Powell Group at Keller Williams of the Western Upstate of South Carolina has several ideas to help you get with the times in 2016.

    Real garland is a great modern idea over the plastic counterpart
    Real garland is a great modern idea over the plastic counterpart
    Mix it up with classic and modern decorations
    Mix it up with classic and modern decorations

    First, let’s start with the outside of the house.  Those huge inflatables are yesterday’s news.  Think about the lights you see nowadays and the decorations you may see on television.  Today, it’s all about the marquee.  There is a slew of designs and sayings from which to choose.  Your home or crafts store can help you pick the one that suits you best.

    Next, think about the garland.  Remember those fake garlands that had several decorations on them?  They’re old news.  Your home store has several options of garland that don’t have any plastic.  Choose the size that fits your space and go with the real stuff.

    Lastly, your traditionally nostalgic items are great to keep.  However, consider modernizing your space with some silver.  You can get some silver frames for your new pictures or you can get a silver bowl and put some fruit or some other holiday-associated food in it.  Your space will look modern and guests will have something to munch on.

    The Powell Group invites you to explore new decorations.  While sentimental keepsakes are great, consider modernizing the space in your home.  Your family and friends will love the new look.

    If you are moving within the Western Upstate of South Carolina, log on to our website and have a look at all of our beautiful homes.  We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

    (Pictures used from Pixabay and taken by Jay Michaels)

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