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Beautiful, Easy Ideas for Backyard Privacy

Remember the good ole’ days, when you could enjoy your backyard without your neighbors being so close you feel as though they’ve actually moved in?  Today more and more homes are being built on smaller lots.  Put a 4,000 sq ft house on an half acre lot, in an already crowded subdivision, and without even realizing it, your new, friendly neighbors have made you unknowingly sacrifice your privacy.  There are hundreds of ways to add privacy in your landscape, from putting in perimeter plants or trees to building fences, stone walls, or garden structures – Let’s take a look at a handful that may work for you.

Installing a privacy fence around your outdoor entertaining area does wonders in all aspects of protecting your sacred privacy.  I love this idea, because you could work the fence in a suburban area or uptown in the metro areas – Perfect for a small, downtown home’s courtyard garden.

privacy layered planting
Next we have what’s called layered privacy, consisting of simply arranging your garden areas around your
property line, staggering each plant in front of another based on how large or tall they will grow.  If you have a green thumb, and aren’t so handy with a hammer, this would be a nice alternative for a cozy cottage garden feel.

container gardens on deck
If you have more deck than yard, this container garden idea may work a little better for you.  These containers offer a more private seating area.  Choose a few of your favorite plants – pick one or two that stay green all year long, so the look is there throughout the changing of seasons.  Add a few showy annuals, and you’ll have an added, pretty pop of color.

walls and fences
Newly installed pools, playground sets, or patios may call attention to your need to quickly get a visual buffer in place.  The easiest way to insure your backyard pool privacy is to stick with the class fencing.  I love the added open lattice at the top – cover it with a vine growing plant, like ivy or roses even, to soften the look of the mass board fencing.

panels and pergolas
Already defined areas like small patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks are usually easier to screen or add privacy to, rather than a whole yard. By building an enclosure around them, whether your screen them in completely, or opt for the trending pergola, you can re-create the intimate feeling of eating or entertaining indoors, while still enjoying all the beautiful weather.


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