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    Backyard Labor Day Party – Hold the Labor!

    As summer slows down and the autumn air is breezing its way in nicely.  So as we take this last, long weekend of summer to enjoy some relaxation, let’s find ways to make this years back yard bash simple, yet sweet.

    The solution to not slaving in the kitchen?  Visit the deli at your local Publix or Krogers (or wherever your loyalty cards my lie) and opt for no-cook, pre made entree’s and sides to serve to your guests.  Most grocer’s make new dishes, fresh every day!  Whether you are hosting 5 or 35 guests – this is a no brainer.  A few DIY decorations from Pinterest and a good margarita mix, and you’re set!

    Check out these prepared menu items from Rachel Ray and relax blissfully as you stroll through the check out aisle!

    Holiday Party Menus


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