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Are You Moving?

    Moving day has finally arrived; the papers are signed, your boxes are packed, and you are ready to make the trip to your new house.  Before you say goodbye for good, remember these 5 moving tips and make for a quick and easy transition. 

  1. Make A Good Last Impression
    Be sure to clean up any mess left behind after packing and loading up the trucks.  Think about how you would feel if you unlocked the doors to your new home and the previous owners left it in disarray.
  2. Leave No Belonging Behind 
    Check all drawers and cabinets for missed personals and even the crooks and crannies for any stray objects, tools, or toys that may have been misplaced during your packing.
  3. Raid the Fridge
    Clean out the refrigerator and get rid of anything you are not taking with you to your new home.  To be super safe, clean it out 24 hours in advance to your moving date, turn it on defrost to try out before the new homeowners are set to move in.  This keeps the appliance clean and also prevents any messes or smelly odors from making their way into the house.
  4. Don’t Fall Off the Map
    This is a great tip that most people forget about.  When you move, its nice to leave behind your contact information for the new owners.  You may have forgotten a box or two or the new owners may want to find out which lawn service you used.  Whatever it may be, its good to leave your info just in case.
  5. Keep You House Safe and Sound
    Make sure all the windows and doors are locked when you say your final goodbye.  Be sure to do this especially if your house will be vacant a while before the new owners come in.  Also, turn your thermostat down to energy conserving temperatures, and turn off all lights and faucets.



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One Response to “Are You Moving?”

  • Julia Carlson
    Written on

    I didn’t even think about raiding the fridge. I will have to remember to clean it out a day early, so the fridge doesn’t make the whole house smell like food when it defrosts. I’m glad you reminded me to do that. I thought that I was completely prepared for my big move, but I guess I’m not as prepared as I thought! I’ll make sure to look through all the nooks and crannies in my home for extra belongings left behind before I leave for good. These have been great tips, thank you!

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