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    Amazon Lockers Have Come to Anderson

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    QT Location off of Highway 81. Photo Credit Thanks to Kecia Burkart


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    Amazon Lockers at the Highway 81 Location QT. Photo Credit Thanks to Kecia Burkart

    For all of my Amazon users out there here is something new for you. Amazon Lockers. I am still learning more on this wonderful addition to the amazon family. However here is what we know so far.


    • Instead of getting packages delivered to your home or office you can get them delivered to an Amazon Locker.
    • According to Amazon “you can pick up your package at a time that’s convenient for you. Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pickup code that includes the address and opening times for your selected Locker location.”
    • I see this being a wonderful opportunity especially for those of us who have jobs on the road. If you are constantly going it would be nice to order from your phone and pick up at a location that you are heading too.
    • Or if you are out of state with your family o a vacation and needed something delivered amazon lockers could be beneficial. They are popping up across the states.
    • Another great opportunity is  for my future home buyers. If you are in the process of moving this can be an open door for you. If you are between addresses you can have packages delivered to the nearest location and get your packages sooner than you anticipated.
    • You can find Amazon locker locations during check-out or before you buy. The Amazon Locker Location page on their website lets you know how to find the nearest location to you.

    Amazon is creating more convenience for us every day. Let me know what you think in the comments. Enjoy your Amazon Shopping!

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